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        Cotton Candy Machines

        Cotton Candy Machines

        • Flying Cotton Candy Machine

          Item #: ACB09

          Metric: 560*560*480 mm.

          Voltage/Watts: 220V/1.43KW

        • Candee Fluff Lobby Master

          Item #: 3188+3017-01-00

          Metric: 2093*864*1575 mm.

          Voltage/Watts: 220V/1.25KW
        • Tabletop Cotton Candy Display

          Item #: 3080

          Metric: 470*305*330 mm.

        • AUTO BREEZE

          Brand: Gold Medal

          Style: Auto Breeze EZ Kleen

          Item: 3052CX-01-001

          Metric: 661*661*436 mm.

          Voltage/Watts: 230V/1.44KW

        • Gold Medal Flossugar

          Brand: Gold Medal
          Capacity: 3.25lb (1.47kg) *6/case
          Flavor: Blue Raspberry, Grape, Banana, Watermelon
        • Cotton Candy Cone

          Metric: 4*300 mm.
          Case Count: 5000 

        • Cotton Candy Cone (plain)

          Brand: Gold Medal

          Item #: 3321

          Case Count: 1,200 (4 boxes of 300)


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