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                      EN CH



                      • NANJING ANBAO PAPER CO., LTD

                        In April 2010, in order to provide diverse packaging products, we co-invested with Chongqing Taibao paper products Co., Ltd. to set up Nanjing Anbao paper products Co., Ltd. It enables us to offer customers higher quality packaging with years professional experience. So far, Nanjing Anbao has also become an important long-term partner of our company.
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                      • NINGBO CHENGKUI PAPER CO., LTD

                        In September 2015, in order to provide customized service of its own factory, we jointly established the Ningbo Chengkui Paper Co., Ltd. with Ningbo Chengyi Paper Co., Ltd. It not only greatly reduces the procurement cost for customers, but also improves the control of production process and quality of products.
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